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Everton is a football club with a long history and it is one of the founders of English League. Its most famous nickname is “The Toffees”. After Everton moved its main field to Goodison Park, the nickname became much famous. There are many explanations about the origin of this nickname. For example, a girl selling Toffee candy threw free Everton peppermints to grandstand before the game began, which has been a tradition of the club. So they got the nickname. There is another point of view that a workshop producing toffee candy was near to Queen’s Head Hotel where the club used to hold meetings, which is the true source. There were many nicknames for the club in history. When the club’s players wore black kits, they were called “the Black Watch”. After they had been in blue kits since 1901, the team was called “the Blues”. In 1928, fans called this team “the School of Science”, because of the players’ scientific football skills. In 1995 FA Cup finals, the team with fighting spirit was called “the Dogs of War”. When David Moyes entered the team, he said this club was “the People’s Club”, regarded as a semi-official nickname of the club.

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